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Gain key insights across all departments your retail business in order to maximise
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Ordorite Business Reports

Keeping track and gathering information for reporting can be a particularly difficult and often mind-numbing task, however it is a critical task in order to guide decision making and allow business owners and management to identify and investigate issues within a firm. With Ordorite’s ready-made reporting tools, you can generate a multitude of various reports and gain these critical insights into your organisation all at the click of a button.

Stock Taking

Sales management reporting

Clearly track and analyse your company’s sales with Ordorite’s sales management reporting. With a vast array of detailed automated sales reports, senior management can begin to understand and identify various factors influencing and affecting their revenue and targets. Sales reports can be broken down and analysed according to numerous varying components such as product categories, salespeople, promotions and more.

Inventory reporting

It is essential to keep track of all information related to inventory in order to maximize stock efficiency, prevent out of stocks and to reduce warehouse costs. With Ordorite’s inventory reporting, you can generate reports regarding issues such as available stock on hand, stock configurations, stock take comparisons and much more in order to gain a critical insight into your organisations inventory.

Stock Taking
Stock Taking

Procurement reports

Our procurement reports allow your business the power to enhance its procurement strategy by preventing minor inefficiencies from becoming significant issues and providing a clear insight into the organisation’s purchasing practices so that your organisation’s purchasing activities can deliver value for money. Ordorite also facilitates predictive purchasing reports such as minimum stock forecasting, purchasing budget forecasting and replenishment forecasting.

Dispatch reports

Keep on top of your organisation’s dispatches and ensure that all deliveries reach their intended destinations within the required timeframes with Ordorite’s dispatch reports. Maintain records of previous deliveries and their associated dockets as well as scheduled deliveries, outstanding deliveries and more.

Stock Taking
Stock Taking

Features for every aspect of your business

We offer features to run every single part of your business from end-to-end, with point of sale, purchasing, inventory management, warehouse, delivery. customer service, marketing, and reporting.

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EZ Living furniture store

“We needed to systemise our furniture business in order to have one full integrated system to support our expansion. Ordorite provided this to us, tailoring their product to meet our needs. We have worked closely with Ordorite over the years to help our business grow from 2 stores to 13 stores, with more than 250 employees using the system daily. They are now the corner stone of our business, providing us live stock across all our branches and KPI information for all departments, which guides us to make accurate business decisions.”

Liam Dilleen, EZ Living Furniture

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