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    Effective delivery and logistics planning is one of the keys to building consumer loyalty and efficient delivery management is only becoming more and more relevant as competition on the delivery front continues to rise amongst firms. A recent study from Accenture found that 2/3 of customers will choose a retailer based on the availability of delivery options. Ordorite provides a practical delivery & logistics solution that gives consistent overview over dispatches ensuring that delivery deadlines are always met.

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    Schedule your deliveries

    We offer a complete overview of all deliveries, collections and stock transfers across all stores from a single access point to allow you to efficiently schedule and manage dispatches and facilitate all deliveries and collections within the desired timeframe so that your customers are never left waiting.

    Track your dispatches

    Ensure all dispatches run smoothly and easily keep track of your dispatches and the sales orders associated with them right across the dispatch life cycle and easily see whether they are scheduled, locked, picked or delivered with our dispatch tracking services.

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    Vehicle & courier tracking

    Keep records of all vehicles and couriers, their status and their availability dates across your entire business to ensure that all scheduled dispatches have both a vehicle and a courier ready to go and prevent against any potential dispatch buffer.

    Optimize delivery routes

    Minimize time on the road with our route optimization. Simply input all the desired addresses of a dispatch, desired departure time, service time and breaks alongside your desired optimization goals and Ordorite’s system will return the most efficient rout and schedule according to your inputs.

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    2 out of 3 customers will choose a retailer based on the availability of delivery options


    52% of shoppers prioritized guaranteed delivery dates over free shipping


    73% of consumers reported delivery is most important to the overall shopping experience


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