Ordorite is the complete end-to-end solution for retailers to manage their businesses efficiently and effectively. Operating in sectors such as furniture, lighting, tiles, stoves, carpets, gardening, utensils, toys and to-other type retailers, we offer a wide range of features catering for all departments in your business, to fundamentally improve the profitability for the long term!

Rich Feature Set

Ordorite comes with a  wide range of functional features for all the departments in your business. It allows you to see all aspects of your business in one place, and helps you make informed decisions for long term profitability and growth.

  • Integrate your online and in-store sales
  • Provide a real-time view of stock across all stores and warehouses
  • Business Dashboard reporting with dynamic reports (e.g. heatmaps)
  • Advanced Stock Replenishment reporting
  • Customer profiling and analysis
  • Production Schedule module for tracking items that are built
  • Integrated Promotions functionality for advanced sales and targeted reductions
  • Sales Targets reporting to analyse performance and growth
  • Delivery Scheduling with support for collections and store take-away
  • Support for multiple stores/outlets, users, user types, and system permissions
  • Easy-to-use interfaces with integrated search and customizable lists and filtering
  • Integrated Point of Sale: Support for digital signature pads and POS spool printers for quick sales
  • Runs via a web browser so accessible from many devices: no finicky installations for new users

Ordorite Features

Sales Process

  • Fast sales processing
  • Sell from items on order (purchase order/containers) or in production
  • Multiple store and franchises setup
  • Sell products live from multiple warehouses and other stores
  • Cloud Point of Sale (compatible to all tablets, phones and PCs)
  • Promotions and discount controls
  • Track all customer details/sales history
  • Process orders for takeaway, delivery or collection
  • Electronic signature capture


  • Container management
  • Purchase order management/ validations and returns
  • Forecasting and stock replenishments
  • Budgeting
  • Multi-currency
  • Exporter management


  • Manage payments
  • Call centre facilities
  • Customer emailing and texting
  • Customer ledger
  • Marketing facilities


  • Manage debtors payments
  • Credit notes
  • Deposits and invoicing
  • Stock ledgers
  • Customer and supplier ledgers
  • Manage suppliers
  • Debtors aged analyses
  • Refunds

Delivery & Logistics

  • Delivery scheduling and management
  • Route planning
  • Delivery truck management
  • Product cubic meter calculations
  • Delivery dockets, pick lists and loading lists
  • Mobile scanning
  • Box locations
  • Completed deliveries

Production & Shipping

  • Shipping management
  • Shipment controls
  • Lot numbering
  • Production scheduling
  • Packing lists
  • Material management
  • Forecast and demand planning
  • Estimated packing size
  • Estimated delivery dates
  • Container types and palleting information

Warehouse Management

  • Stock movements
  • Barcoding and box management
  • Multi-warehouse configurations
  • Warehouse pick lists and loading lists
  • Product lifecycle traceability
  • Stock taking

Stock & Product Catalogue

  • Stock traceability, stock history (stock ledger)
  • Barcoding, department, categories, types, families
  • Ecommerce integration settings
  • Point of Sale and price tickets
  • Stock attributes
  • Upload product images
  • Stock packs and bundles

Management Reporting

  • Business intelligence reporting with heat maps and customer profiling
  • Integrated data analytics dashboards showing KPI points and customizable charts and graphs
  • Stock valuations, stock traceability and stock accuracy reports
  • Gross profit analyses
  • Financial reporting
  • Product ordering models
  • Salesperson commission facilities
  • Advanced profit and stock replenishment reports
  • drill down and high level options


  • API that allows external integration to many systems
  • Integration with accounts systems
  • Integrations with ecommerce sites (Woocommerce, Magento, Ebay and others)

pos ordorite



This involves point of sale and other sales operations vital for the daily running of your retail business.  Our solution enables you to:

  • Set up new customers or search for  existing ones by postcode or other contact details and across different stores/channels.
  • Use marketing tools such as Electronic Signatures, Email, Texting and Sales Analysis tools
  • View customers balances, activity history, notes, orders and delivery details in one location
  • Create orders using quick barcode scans or product searching using store information such as product names or attributes
  • Select stock from available warehouses, retail stores, incoming containers or purchase orders
  • Save orders and payment details storing your debtors and balances owed
  • Process cancellations and returns; issue credit notes, restocking charges, retention and refunds
  • Create, sell, and pay with gift vouchers
  • Set up promotions for items, departments, categories or types so that discounts are automatically applied and traced


Omnichannel refers to a multichannel sales approach, allowing seamless integration of your online and brick-and-mortar stores.  Having full integration of your online and brick-and-mortar stores allows you to successfully manage your retail business from a single source, and providing your customers with the ultimate shopping experience.

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This involves successfully managing your stock from one single source to achieve better clarity and control over your business. Our solution enables you to:

  • Add new stock and break items into product families, departments, categories/types; record notes, statuses (active, order only, discontinued etc.), cost pricing, barcodes, and much more
  • Trace stock movements with a Stock Ledger system, providing breakdown of stock levels (products, locations and containers) for any date period
  • Manage all incoming products and confirm arrivals with a Goods In process
  • Handle items that arrive in multiple boxes using a Box-level ledger
  • Create and manage stock locations to break up and trace where items and boxes are located
  • Serial tracking of items and boxes to improve stock accuracy, ordering and searching
  • Move stock from one location to another using Stock Transfer
  • Improve stock turnover to avoid stock outs of your best sellers


This involves successfully managing your purchase orders, and having the ability to forecast with advanced stock replenishment reports, so you can see at a glance your purchasing habits. Our solution enables you to:

  • Forecast and plan product purchases with automatic stock replenishment methodologies to ensure you have the right products with the right quantities and ordered at the right time
  • Automatically create customer requests for special orders
  • Create and finalise purchase orders with arrival details and cost information
  • Sell products from incoming or arrived containers, or items on production
  • Maintain visibility of purchase orders when selling and delivering items. Items can be traced back to the containers they arrived on
  • Maintain revision of delivery dates of purchase, departure dates and warehouse arrival dates
  • Manage multi-currency and shipping charge calculations so you know the actual shipping base currency cost


This involves managing production and shipping in your business to allow efficient and effective control. Our solution enables you to:

  • Add items to a production schedule: control requested and planned shipping, delivery and production dates based on lead times and estimated shipping route duration
  • Track and import batches produced: split items into multiple shipments (express air shipment/ sea containers etc.)
  • Estimate packing requirements and set up containers for shipping: work out how many containers are needed
  • Prepare packing lists and pallet information from produced items
  • Track delays and pinpoint inefficiencies
  • Track all changes to key dates and quantities, showing details of who and when the changes were made


This involves managing your delivery of stock for better control of your business. Our solution enables you to:

  • Control availability of delivery dates: available dates are shown to sales staff when creating orders
  • View delivery schedules based on saved orders details and item delivery dates
  • Assign items to planned dispatches and manage items collections (trucks/vans etc.)
  • Select items to deliver based on available stock in inventory locations
  • Schedule items and plan your route by creating pick lists and dispatches
  • Print delivery dockets and pick lists, confirm deliveries and automatically update stock levels
  • Process returned or undelivered items (reschedule, replace, cancel etc.)


Reporting can be a time consuming yet important task for your business. This module provides an advanced management reporting mechanism for retailers to quickly see how and where profits are generated in the business, as well as the areas that need improving.

Our solution enables you to:

  • Use daily reports for everyday processes such as order confirmation receipts and delivery dockets
  • Check store activity using management reports such as total sales for a store, payments made, cost of item, most active products, debtors lists and more
  • Run high-level profit calculations such as for stores or product types, salesperson performance, departmental and product category sales analyses reports
  • Estimate stock requirements based on current and previous sales with multiple growth projections
  • Access integrated Business Intelligence dashboards for a bird’s eye view of business performance and growth
  • Display live KPI information for your entire business

Advanced Sales Process: Create and use information quickly.

The Ordorite Sales Process allows users to capture and use customer details that allow staff to work quickly and smoothly!

Health-Pharmacy-Checkout-Scan-istk-1-300x199 ordoriteBarcode


Millions of rows of data captured since 2006

The Ordorite system has been used since 2006 in different industries retail, logistics, services with many features added along the way.

  • Enterprise database technology with scalability (e.g. replication, live backups, optimized queries)
  • Integrated BIRT (Business Intelligence Reporting) Engine for daily and management reports
  • Quick and Reliable support for troubleshooting and fixing issues

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