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Supporting businesses in the retail industry

The Ordorite team has been providing retail management software for over 20 years, offering a full end-to-end management system specifically designed for furniture and bedding retailers. As well as furniture and bedding, we also cater to general retail to include garden utensils, baby and nursery products, gift accessories and lighting. Whether you are a single store retailer, or a multi store retailer, we can help you manage your business more efficiently.

Furniture Retailers

Our furniture specific software can help you manage complex tasks in your business

Complex tasks include special orders, selling from containers, managing deliveries, forecasting, transferring inventory between stores and much more.

Bedding Retailers

Our software is bedding retail specific, with the ability to handle all bedding related tasks and orders.
We cater to some of the largest bedding retailers, giving them a software that meets all their needs and requirements.

General Retailers

As well as furniture and bedding retail, we have customers in other related retail sectors
Such as electrical goods, lighting, gift accessories, and baby nursery products. Our system caters to these retailers in an efficient and smooth manner..

Multi-Store Retailers

If you have one store or hundreds of stores, we can cater to your needs in one efficient system.
You can see a real time view of inventory across all stores, transfer inventory from one store to another, and automate processes.

Services we Offer

Support & Training

Here at Ordorite, we are here with you every step of the way, from initially setting up the system, to training you how to use it, and also a personal support portal and user guides to help you. With constant support and training either remote or on-site, our team are always there for you.

Implementation & Installation

As soon as you become a customer with Ordorite, we take you through step-by-step the implementation and installation process. We adopt a six step process carried out from initiation to completion of implementation; and believe having a step by step process ensures consistency of project flow, and increased project efficiency from start to finish of the implementation process.

Developments & Upgrades

We have a dedicated software development team who are constantly researching, innovating, developing and testing new ideas and features to add to the system. We are constantly investing into our product and grow to always ensure we have a cutting edge product for the furniture and bedding retail industry.

Designed for all members of your business

From sales staff, to customer service and delivery, to CEOs and CFOs, all members of your business will see benefits from using our software solution.

Our fast and easy-to-use POS has five simple steps to make a sales order. You can search products, gather customer details,
schedule deliveries and handle refunds and exchanges.

Our Point of Sale:

Fast sales processing

Gather customer details at time of sale

Create special orders using tile builder

Process orders for takeaway, delivery or collection

Electronic signature capture

Sell products live from multiple warehouses and other stores

point of sale systems furniture

Keep on top of all your orders and delivery route planning and scheduling. Keep customers informed throughout
the sales process and use our mobile app to handle tasks on-the-go such as inventory checking and proof of delivery.

Our Solution helps you:

Control availability of delivery dates

Delivery Route planning and scheduling

Create tasks and actions to ensure your team delivers
Outstanding customer service

Email and text customers throughout the sales process

View and control customer orders

Use mobile apps for inventory checking, picking, goods in,
And proof of delivery

point of sale systems furniture

Have the ability to forecast and plan product purchases with automatic
stock replenishments, maintain visibility of delivery dates, and manage multi-currency payments

Our Solution helps you:

Automatically create customer requests for special orders

Sell products from incoming or arrived containers

Forecast and plan product purchases with automatic
stock replenishment methodologies

Maintain visibility of purchase orders when selling and
Delivering items

Maintain revision of delivery dates of purchase, departure
Dates and warehouse arrival dates

Manage multi-currency and shipping charge calculations

point of sale systems furniture

We have now made it easier for your marketing team to get customers back in store. See which customers are your most
loyal and hibernating ones. Send each segmented customer group personalised marketing campaigns and monitor
customer reviews on Google,Facebook and TrustPilot.

Our Solution helps you:

Reconnect with your existing customers that have not come
Into store in recent months

Use RFM analysis to understand your customer segments

Send pre-built personalised templates to customer via
SMS, email or newsletter

Monitor and manage social reviews via Google, Facebook
And TrustPilot

Manage and analyse previous quotes sent to customers

Monitor and measure each promotional campaign

point of sale systems furniture

Keep an eye on your business whether you are in store or out of the office.
Our interactive KPI dashboard gives you a 360 view of your business so you can make accurate business decisions.

Our KPI dashboard feature:

Yearly sales to date vs last years’ sales

Weekly sales by store

Gross profit summary

Category sales summary

Customer profiling and heat maps

point of sale systems furniture

white paper for furniture retail management

Want to maximise your business efficiency?

Download our whitepaper to learn how our expert margin tips will help you improve your stock management and overall operational efficiency.

You have questions, We have answers

Our team of experts are always here to answers any questions you have. Just contact us today!