Manage all your business tasks from a mobile device
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Perform business tasks on the go

As all technology is turning mobile, so are we! We have introduced a suite of mobile solutions that will help your business on the go, while making your business processes a lot more seamless and operationally efficient. Our mobile app will help your staff perform everyday business tasks on the go, such as stock taking, proof of delivery, pick lists, and stock transfers. The app will increase your staff’s productivity and speed up fulfillment, as they will have all stock information at hand.

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Mobile App Features

Stock Taking

Inventory Checking

Whether you are in store or in the warehouse, you can check inventory information and locations, and scan boxes and products.

Inventory Catalogue

You can browse and search your products in a speedy manner in your warehouse, by scanning individual boxes or products to get inventory availability and quantities.

Stock Catalogue
Pick Lists

Pick Lists

This will help your delivery team with product information and the location of products in the warehouse, allowing them to load their vans in an efficient manner.

Proof of Delivery

The app allows you to get digital signatures for proof of goods being delivered to a customer. If an item appears faulty upon delivery, you can also take a picture of that item and it will raise a task and action immediately in the customer service section in the system.

Proof of Delivery
Goods In

Goods In

You can see in advance the purchase orders or deliveries that are due in from a supplier or from containers. Once they arrive in, you can then scan the items and allocate them to locations in your warehouse.

Goods Out

This shows the products and items that are ready to be dispatched and loaded to vans for delivery. It shows order descriptions, order numbers, container numbers, dispatch date and dispatch location.

Purchase Order Creation
Stock Transfers

Inventory Transfers

From the touch of a button you can transfer inventory from one location to another, be it from different warehouses, or different stores.

Benefits of using Mobile Apps

It’s hard to ignore that everything is done on mobile devices now, and it’s time furniture retailers became more mobile friendly. There are many benefits of using mobile point of sale software for businesses. These benefits include:

  • Paperless:
    Your employees no longer need large amounts of paper trails such as delivery dockets, dispatch lists, pick lists, or inventory lists. They can have all this information by the click of a button.

  • Employee efficiency:
    Your employees are now more efficient with their time, by being able to do their work while anywhere at any time in the store or warehouse.

  • Enhances the customer experience:
    The app is designed to ensure the customer experience is smooth and seamless. Customers can now digitally sign for deliveries and if items are faulty, you can upload an image of the faulty item and it will automatically raise a task and action in the system.

  • Check inventory availability:
    You can check inventory availability while anywhere in store or the warehouse, instead of having to run back and forth to the till to check the quantities.

  • Speeds up inventory check process:
    You can walk around the shop or warehouse while doing an inventory check, with all details at hand on a tablet or smartphone.

  • Inventory Accuracy:
    Having all inventory information at hand on a mobile device eliminates inaccurate inventory checks that can happen by human error.

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