Supporting businesses in the retail industry

The Ordorite team has been providing retail management software for over 20 years, offering a full end-to-end management system specifically designed for furniture and bedding retailers.  As well as furniture and bedding, we also cater to general retail to include garden utensils, baby and nursery products, gift accessories, lighting, and carpet retailers. Whether you are a single store retailer, or a multi store retailer, we can help you manage your business more efficiently.


End-to-End software solution specifically designed for furniture retailers.
Ordorite caters to all furniture retailers to help them run their businesses smoothly and more efficiently, with specific features to suit all their needs and requirements.

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Features specific to bed retailers
Ordorite caters to some of the largest bed retailers, giving them a software that meets all their needs and requirements

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A software solution catering to general and made-to-order type retailers
Caters to sectors such as gift accessories, lighting, gardening utensils and baby and nursery products

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A software solution ideal for multi-store retailers
Ordorite is the perfect software solution for multi-store retailers as they can see real value across all departments and stores all in one place.

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Maximizing Potential for Users

For a business to perform at its best, all of its team and processes must connect easily and efficiently. With Ordorite, the information flows with the products from end to end, enabling key staff to always be in the loop and have the right information at their fingertips

Sales staff can work with customers, both new and existing, to manage orders and payments, and plan everything from deliveries to custom purchase orders
Items that need to be delivered are added to a dispatch schedule. Deliveries can be planned in advance and the locations of items and their component boxes identified. Stock levels are adjusted to reflect items going out
Sales Managers can report on daily and accumulating sales, process cancellations and returns and monitor all ordering activity and payments
General Management have access to a whole suite of reports summarizing data from all aspects of the business, and can examine the profitability of items, ranges, departments, stores, promotions, etc. Analytical information dashboards can be used to get the bigger picture.
Understand how your business is performing at any given minute.  Receive daily KPI dashboards and reports that assist you in making decisions, all focused towards improving performance and profitability of the business.

Why Choose Ordorite

  • Software specifically designed for furniture, bed, general and multi-site retail
  • Fast, efficient and easy-to-use Point of Sale system
  • Professional stock management
  • Quick and easy implementation
  • Hands on support and training from the beginning

What Users Say

Have been a customer with Ordorite since 2006, they have always been great allies to all my businesses throughout the years.

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